2015 is here

I love New Year!  It is a time when we really do reflect, and make some plans and at least for 4-6 weeks charge boldly into new activities with fervor.


I tend to do better with my resolutions that the average person, but I’m a person who has always loved lists and goals and things to check off.

This year I am going to really have to adjust my expectations and hopefully it will be an epic year in unexpected and delightful ways. I kind of have some doubts.

My first goal is to purchase and move into a home.  I have sort of a revulsion to home ownership, as I purchased my first home during the big home ownership BOOM prior to the BUST.  I then had a big life circumstance change and ended up selling the home right before the bubble truly burst. It was sagging and I essentially broke even.  The mortgage was actually more expensive than rent and my neighbors were difficult to say the least.  So my feelings on home ownership…are definitely negative.

That said, it is now several years later.  Rent in my community is Sky High.  My rental neighbors are for the most part good, but have been getting louder and louder. I have saved some money and now own my car etc, so have little debt.  I discovered if I can qualify to be one of the 20% of people under 55 for a “55+ active community”  I can get a modest home in what should be a fairly quiet community.  If I qualify I should be able to move in June.  I have an appointment to look at one they are newly building this week.  I am really feeling nervous about the whole thing, so I enlisted a friend to come along and smooth the way.  I am continuously reminding myself that the home purchase before coincided with a variety of life challenges that no longer exist, and secondly I was not really able to easily afford the mortgage.  If the mortgage ends up being what it is estimated to be with my current downpayment, this would actually save me some cash which would end up going to HOA and property taxes.  So financially it makes sense. Financially it should not be a hardship (except for the years and years of mortgage…) Emotionally…it is making me nervous.  It is so permanent.  If I fall in love with someone out at the coast, I will still have a home in the central part of the state.

Second goal is to really feel established in my job. I am doing much better there since my leg pain went away.  I just don’t feel fully settled. I think after the 90 day mark passes I will feel lots better.  That will be on February 12 or so.  Nothing to do there, except keep on keeping on.

Third.  I have toyed with this one in the past…State Park Visitation.  I love our state parks, and want to see all 161 of them.  I think I’ve bene to about 4.  So this year I am going to try to do some Manatee Viewing, some Spring swimming, and some hiking.   I’m going to go to one today, after I fully wake up.  Many parks allow dogs and so I will be attempting to bring Teucu-The-wonder-dog with me. I probably will see less wildlife, but it will be fun for him, and frankly some of the parks are a bit secluded and not well visited, I will be safer with the pup.

Florida-state-parks-601x440 VFFALLINGWATERS070913CH11_11381202_8col ichetucknee_spring

Fourth.  Fitness. I typically have a pile of running goals with some fun swim things mixed in.  I am really up in the air about this one.  My main goal is going to get healthy enough that I can participate in fitness as I would like. I have some definite swim goals, and some running goals, but if I have the surgery all will change.  So my goal is to maintain some fitness activities and gain strength.

Beyond that.  There are books to be read.  Friends to spend time with. Experiences to be had that hopefully will be unexpected and pleasant.

What are your plans for 2015?  Anything large on the horizon?




So, When I look back on my goals for the year, they seem a little out of date six months later.  Especially considering the changes brought about by my finger fractures, my change in job situation, and various unpleasant romantical entanglements.  SO… I've decided to actually go ahead and make a shorter term list of goals for the next three months. 

Get back to my Pre-Injury Weight:

   I gained these pesky ten pounds post injury. I've lost about 3-4 of them, but thats not the entire ten.  After that I'd like to think about another ten, but the first ten are most critical.


Socialize Teulu the Wonder Dog:

   Teulu is doing quite well, but is still lacking the appropriate "blase greeting" that is most appreciated by people.  He gets wild and jumps and drools and yips and yaps.  So.  My plan is to try to find a nice coffee shop in NH with a nice bench and frequent it with a bag of treats for strangers to feed the dog.  In addition, I am making sure he gets enough exersise, which is the key of course to good doggie behavior. 


Run Injury free:

I have been doing alright with this, but my left leg is still giving me some pain, so I am finding that less is more.  I'm trying to run a bit less, swim a little more.  I'd like to minimize the pain in that leg as well. 

Improve my Speed:

I'd like to finish a 5K this summer in under 30 min.  I'm so slow currently that this would require quite an improvement.

Build a decent base:

need I say more?

Enjoy New Hampshire:

 I'll be there just 13 weeks, so I want to be sure to actually make a point to go to a few national parks, take the dog on some good hikes and in general enjoy the different scenery.

Save some Money:

June is a heavy financial month for me.  Several bi-yearly payments are due in June, plus I had to pay off the Vetrinarian, so my savings are somewhat depleted.  Over the three months I'd like to save between 3-5K.  I have the name of an excellent financial advisor, but right now having no real extra cash to invest, I am putting off calling him.

Prepare for CEN exam:

I need to do this.  Not only does the certification make me look very very good to potential contracts, I usually learn something each time I study.  I wish it cost less to take.

Stay clear of silly romatincal entanglement:

This seems pretty easy.  I'm been recently very dsappointed and hurt, so I think its time to take a break. 


I think for 90 days this is enough.  I'll check it periodically to see how I am doing.

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Resolutions check

I copied my goals for 2007 out of my December entry.  Some I've already got to scratch, but others I have actually made some progress on.  I didn't want to look at the list because I felt like the hand injury negated most things.  Surprisingly, my goals have a broad scope sooo.  I'm going to make note of what I've done since January, and actually rewrite some of them, as some aren't very relevant.

1. Get my Certified Emergency Nurse Certification. I have been studying, but could probably kick this up a notch. 

2. Lose ten pounds, or so.  This is an ongoing battle. Since December, I've lost and gained 10 pounds…will focus on this when I can exersise…

3. Run a few 10K's, and hopefully a half Marathon.  Uh, well, no races this year, I've registered for 2 and will not run either due to hand injury, bt there is a lot of the year left, and I was training, so its not a total loss. I have a few races in my mind for the time thats coming.   

4. Keep Fixing up my house.  My parents did a lot of this for me, and I have replaced the water heater.  need to get a lawnmower and also to get dining room chairs

5. Continue to try to stay in touch with my extended family. Since the new year, I have visited my cousin and ants and uncles and Grandma.  My cousin came and had a disasterous visit here! I've talked to my other Grandma once, planning to go to my cousins wedding as well in June . 

6. Learn more about Money Management.  nothing!

7. Get my taxes sorted.    All done!

8. A high goal is to have perfect attendance at work for the entire Year.  

obviously missing an entire month of work due to injury pretty much puts me out of the running for this one…I'm deciding if I even want to bother with a month of perfect attendance when I return. 

9. Keep angeling my ChemoAngels Patient.  Chemoangels  Support for people with Cancer. My patient left the program, and I decided against a new patient.  I do give movies and such to a secretary at work who does still have a patient.   

10.  Think about doing some "in person" volunteering locally.  I will start coaching track in April for Special Olympics.


Even though I've been derailed this year by this crazy fluke freak accident, I feel like I'm on track. I need to do a bit of reading regarding money, kick up my CEN studying and focus on my weight once I start training.

I'll check back in on this list in June and see how I'm doing at the half way point!

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Goals for the year…..

I keep a goals list at 43things  which is often where I list my progress.  But I thought I'd make sort of a little list here and then hopefully reisit it monthly or so to see how I am coming along.


1. Get my Certified Emergency Nurse Certification.  This is not required for my job, but its looked highly upon.  It costs alot (350.00 USD) to take the test, so I want to be sure I might pass it before I sign up.  But I want to have this done by say April or May.  I do not make enough time to study.

2. Lose ten pounds, or so.  This is an ongoing battle.  I lose tne and then a few weeks later, they sneak on again.  It's a hard thing as I'm fairly fit, and usually don't eat wierdly, but one wierd thing….and suddenly I jump a pound up on the scale. 

3. Run a few 10K's, and hopefully a half Marathon.  My leg is still screwy so this may or may not happen.  I'd like to run thequartet of races sponsered by our Local Fleet Feet.  I think they start in May, so I have some time. 

4. Keep Fixing up my house.  It's a work in progress.  I want to also type the very detailed Homeowners manual into my computer.  Nerdy as it was, I loved getting it, as it documets the history of the house.  I had my first "project" finished yesterday (Lattice on the deck) and it looks great.  I want to landscape the front and continue to work to actually add furniture to the interior. 

5. Continue to try to stay in touch with my extended family.  I've had some trouble with this lately, but I want to continue to stay in touch with cousins and Grandma. This always seems to come at a bad time.  But I am going to try to keep doing this.  Especially as my Cousin is getting married in June. 

6. Learn more about Money Management.  This is a tough one.  I am good with money, but I know there are several ways to maximize my money.  Right now all I have are 2 retirement accounts and a CD, and a regular low interest savings account.  This is better than last year, but I hope to get organized and really have some of that money work for me.

7. Get my taxes sorted.  This year is going to be difficult.  I earned money from about 6 different companies.  At least I bought the house this year, because I earned too much money. 

8. A high goal is to have perfect attendance at work for the entire Year.  Last year I missed work due to being sick, my Grandfathers illness and funeral, and so this year, I hope to do better.  I had perfect attendance in December…so we will see.

9. Keep angeling my ChemoAngels Patient.  Chemoangels  Support for people with Cancer.  My patient is a 13 yr old girl.  I always worry that I am sending the uncool stuff, but I think she likes most of the things I send. 

10.  Think about doing some "in person" volunteering locally.  My work schedule is nuts so it makes it hard to committ to one specific day a week, etc.  btu I'd like to do something.

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