Build Week Wrap Up

I just realized that my coach, even though he sends me a Monday through Sunday plan is actually a Sunday through Saturday type of guy, so my rest week started today.

My build week finished. Whew.

As was expected, I felt pretty tired through the week.

Monday was a longer swim 2500 yards. This is actually starting to be on the shorter side of the swim world.

Tuesday was a tough day.  4 mile tempo run which went pretty well, then work, and then back to the gym for legs and abs and a 2000 yard swim.  I slept like a rock after all that.

Wednesday: Baby Brick. 6281

45 min cycle and 3 mile run.  It went better than I expected, so that was great.

Thursday was the dreaded speedwork. girl-on-treadmill.jpg?w=584

I handled the workout like a total boss, and was thrilled to report it to the coach as such. He seemed as excited as I was, because he replied with a “atta girl”  type message.  Then I had the very unpleasant in home massage.  Hated it.  Massage therapist was a bit of an ass.  I really didn’t want him in my home.  I learned my lesson, I wasn’t relaxed and I feel like he was too busy being nosy.

Unfortunately the later than normal massage made for a later than normal sleep time.  Which cascaded into a difficult wake up the next day, and some lack of organization.  I got started on my huge brick late.  I decided to eat a granola bar while on the cycle.  Yeah..not so great.  My stomach did pretty well at first, but then…it kind of caused me to feel funny.  When I started the run, I was feeling queasy, tired, Hot as heck outside, and so after about a mile, I made an executive decision and turned home and did 4.5 more on the treadmill.  THis was not the 7.5 I needed, but I called it quits.  The rest of the day my hip flexor was aching and I felt awful.  I also had a terrifically challenging day at work.  Eventually I sent the coach a message about it and what I planned to do about it.  Nothing back. Oddly as I was rolling into the gym and feeling utterly tired, one of the 5am regulars came up to me and said, “You’re working so hard these days…and it shows”  which did in fact help me to get going!  Always choose to encourage…Always.

Saturday I made my way to Lucky’s Lake.


At the lake, I took part in a demonstration of the safe swimmer buoy.  So that was different. I then had breakfast with a friend, and eventually made my way to the pool.  My coach was also swimming.  So…we chatted for a few and then I had to start the rest of my swim workout.  He confirmed that there were no issues with Friday.  He agreed that he would always let me know when to worry.  I did forget the pool closes at 4 pm , so I had to really swim fast to make the most of the workout.

Today- the start of my rest week, I ran 5 very hot and sweaty miles.  It was a sweat festival.  So wet…so wet.

I have less than 365 days to prepare for Comrades.  I’m feeling both tired and focused.  We’ll see…..